Tick Remover Tool Set – Removes Ticks and Fleas Easily. Avoides Plastics and Nasty Pesticides.

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BONUS MULTIPACK! – The Natural Pet Company’s Tick and Flea Removers are sold in a handy multipack, giving you two specially made tools to care for your beloved pets! Our pack includes one double-ended tweezer and one single ended hook tool, making a usually difficult task quick and easy! Your pets will stay calm and collected with no disruption to their daily routine!

100% NATURAL! – Chemical flea treatments and creams can cause irritation on your pet’s sensitive skin, which is why we have developed a natural way to remove fleas and ticks! Both tools are made with high quality stainless steel that won’t upset your pet!

EASY TO USE! – Simple to follow instructions; use the V hook to scoop the tick upwards and the tweezers to do the rest!

Interactive toys engage the pet with it’s owner –This activity builds trust and companionship between you and your Cat. Create an opportunity for you and your cat to bond in play by buying this feather dangler megapack!

GREAT VALUE! – With two tools for the price of one, you won’t need to buy another product! Our competitive price was created with you in mind, as a pet company we know how expensive pet supplies can be!

EASY TO CARRY! Our tools come in handy clear pouches that allow you to carry them with you when you visit your local park, go camping or take a trip away! This makes them easy to find in your bag and protects them from getting damaged. To buy the best tool there is, click ‘add to cart’ now!