Cat Toy Feather Wand (Includes 3x Feather Refills) – These Natural Feathers are Guaranteed to Drive Your Cat Wild.


Fun and Addictive !–Enjoy hours playing with your cat in a super fun way with just a flick of your wrist! Watch them stalk and prey, leap and swipe, over and over, for hours and hours! The best cat toys are fun for people! What good is having a cat toy if you don’t like using it to play with your cat?

Enticing to Cats !–Cats love birds and birds have feathers! The Natural Pet Company Feather Dangler imitates a cat’s natural prey and will bring out the most instinctive reactions in almost any cat! Watch your cat jump and pounce like a fully grown Tiger! Cats are happiest and healthiest emotionally, physically, and mentally when they are in touch with their basic hunting instincts.

Safe for cats and safe for children –The length of the dangler keeps little fingers far away from sharp claws, preventing accidental scratching wherever possible.

ENGAGE YOUR PET !-Interactive toys engage the pet with it’s owner. This activity builds trust and companionship between you and your Cat. Create an opportunity for you and your cat to bond in play by buying this feather dangler megapack!

Excellent Value ! –We pride ourselves on great value. Compare our feather cat dangler to other top brands and you will see that our interactive feather dangler pack is not only great value, but in fact BETTER value! We include two refill feathers to ensure longer shelf life and a greater variety of play for you and your cat! Click add to