About Us

Hi and Welcome!

We’re Joe and Eddy – the founders of The Natural Pet Company.





The Natural Pet Company believes in the protection and preservation of both the natural environment and ALL wildlife. We think everyone should do their part in making the world a greener place.
We create products for Cats and Dogs that are both ethically sourced AND as natural as possible. Our products always avoid nasty pesticides, waste and absolutely anything yucky!
Our company began in early 2013 when Eddy (and Smithy!) were looking for some new toys to play with. While searching online they noticed that the whole market seemed to be dominated by big brands and were made completely from plastics and synthetic materials…. Not to mention the packaging was full of waste, waste, waste.
Speaking to Joe (and Casper!) they began playing around with a variety of materials in order to make homemade toys for their cats. After some (a lot!) of prompting from friends they decided to release their toys into the world. From then on they made it our mission to create a line of cat products that were less harmful to the environment than anything else we could find.
Although we don’t personally hand make the toys any more, we spend a painstaking amount of time to ensure that everything is ethically sourced and there is as little negative impact on our planet as possible.

Future projects

Aside from toys, we’re currently working on a number of delicious treats that can be given to your pets to both improve their health and reward them.
Once we’ve launched these we plan on creating an organic pet food that is both nutritious and sustainable for the environment. So watch this space!


We’re always looking to lend a helping hand… If you know any small and local charities that you think we should know about, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’ve received hundreds of emails so far and we’re always amazed to see all the great work people are doing for our furry friends.

If you have any questions, comments or simply just fancy saying hi, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Kindest regards,